Best friends and lovers

Story of an old friend that moves back after being gone for 5 years.  She was close with the gang, but more so with Hyde.  Hyde/OC. I do not own That 70’s show. 

I’m back home, where I’ve always belonged.  I should introduce myself, I’m Nicole Smith.  Five years ago, my parents and I moved away from Point Place, Wisconsin.  My dad was transferred and now, he’s been transferred back.  This time though, we won’t be moving again.  I had to leave my friends that I’ve had since kindergarten and I can only hope that they invite me back in to the gang.  Moving was terrible, I didn’t want to meet new people and experience new things.  I stayed in touch with Donna, though.  The one that I miss the most though, is Steven.  I was always closer to him than the rest, but we didn’t get to stay in touch.  I’m sure he probably won’t even recognize me.  Not that I’ll recognize him, either.  I walk up the the Forman’s door, it’s a Saturday, so with any luck, they’ll be here.  I knock on the door and wait for someone to answer.  The door swings open and it’s Mr. Forman, Red. 

“Can I help you,” he asks in a plain voice. 

“Hi, Mr. Forman.  I’m sure you won’t remember me, I’m Nicole Smith.  I lived here until about 5 years ago.  I was wondering if Eric was home,” I explain quickly and to the point. 

“Well, I didn’t even recognize you.  You’ve grown up.  C’mon in,” he says with a smile.  He was always nice to me when we were growing up.  Said I was the only one with a brain. 

“Thanks, we just moved back.  I was hoping to get with the old gang again,” I smile at him. 

“They’re down in the basement, probably doing something stupid.  C’mon, I’ll take you down,” he says heading toward the basement door.   We run into Mrs. Forman before we reach the door. 

“Oh, who’s this,” she asks as she sees me.

“Honey, this is Nicole Smith.  You remember her don’t you,” Mr. Forman says happily. 

“Oh! Sweetheart, it’s so good to see you.  What are you doing back?” She asks.

“Daddy was transferred back.  We just got in a couple of days ago.  It’s good to see you too, Mrs. Forman,” I smile and hug her. 

“Let go show the kids that your back,” she does her little laugh.  

We walk down the stairs and I see Eric, Donna, Kelso, Steven and two other people I don’t know sitting in front of the tv.  

“Kids, kids, look who’s here,” Mrs. Forman exclaims excitedly.  They all turn toward us and the only person who recognizes me is Steven.

“Nic,” Steven says in disbelief.

“Hi, Steven,” I smile softly at him.  He’s out of his chair in a flash and lifting me into a tight hug.  I wrap my arms around his neck and legs around his waist and begin to sob.  

“It’s really you.  You’re here,” he says softly into my neck.

“I’ve missed you so much.  I’m so sorry I left,” I sob into his neck.

“Hey, it’s cool,” he says as he sits down with me still wrapped around him like a monkey. 

I finally pull myself away from Steven, my best friend, the one person I’ve missed the most.  The one person I wanted after everything happened. You see, there is a reason why we moved back.  About a year ago, I was walking home from a friends house, who lived two blocks from us.  His older brother was home for a visit with his roommate.  His roommate followed me and attacked me.  I was beaten and raped, losing all innocence.  He’s in prison, but I still get fearful to walk alone at night or to even be home alone at night.  The only people who know are those in Chicago and my parents.  They’ve helped me and I went through some therapy.  But, the one person I wanted was Steven.  We’ve always been close, even though he’s not the type to talk feelings and emotions, he would with me.  He’s always been different with me.  Seeing him, brings back the feeling of just wanted to talk to him, during the worst time in my life.  

Hyde pov 

She really here.  The girl I was always so protective of.  The girl I would actually talk to and she would never judge me.  Damn, I’ve missed her so much.  She’s different, definitely grown up since five years ago.  Her brown hair long and curled, bright green eyes with a little makeup, pouty full lips.  Looking her over, she’s hot.  She’s a little curvy, big rack, still has that little bubble to her butt.  Damn, can’t believe how much she’s grown up in five years.  When she hugged me and wrapped herself around me crying, I couldn’t help but feel like something happened.  She’s never been one to cry, except when her grandma died when we were nine.  That’s the only time she’s ever cried, I wonder what happened.  When she pulls herself up and off me, I put my hands on her hips to steady her. She’s fucking beautiful.

“Nicole, I can’t believe you’re here,” Donna says excitedly.  She pulls Nic into a hug.  They were always good friends.  Both of them a tomboys growing up and able to take our crap and dish it right back.  “You didn’t tell me you weren’t coming back,” Donna says accusingly.

“I wanted it to be a surprise,” Nic tells her with a sheepish smile that makes my heart stutter.  Damn, that’s not good.

“Nicole,” Kelso shouts pulling her away from Donna.  They hug for a moment before Nic pulls away from him and steps back.  Thank god, because if it’d been any longer, I would have kicked his ass.  “You got hot,” Kelso yells.

“Yeah, thanks,” she says, but I see her tense a little at the statement. 

Eric hugs Nic for a moment before sitting down.  The Formans went back upstairs, leaving us to reconnect with Nic.  I see Jackie staring at Nic with venom.  This should be fun.  Nic was never one to take crap from anyone and I doubt she’ll do it now. 

“Who is this,” Jackie speaks up in a rude tone.

“This is Nicole Smith.  We grew up with her until five years ago her dad was transferred and she moved to Chicago,” Eric says with a smile.  He knows Jackie is probably going to throw a fit.

“Hi, and you are,” Nic asks her with a little attitude.  That’s my girl. 

“I’m Jackie Burkhart.  Michaels girlfriend,” Jackie states like that means something. 

“Wow, you actually got a girl to date you.  I never thought that would happen,” Nic says as I pull her into my lap.  She wraps her arm around the back of my neck.  It just feels right. 

“Burn!” Donna and Eric exclaim.

“Nicole, you know you always wanted some Kelso lovin’,” Kelso says with a grin, earning a smack from Jackie.

“Kelso, when I moved we were eleven.  I didn’t even want to touch you then, let alone now,” she says in disgust.

“Kelso, man, shut it,” I say menacingly.

“Oh, c’mon! Who doesn’t want some of this,” he exclaims.

“Me!” Donna and Nic yell.

“Look here, new girl,” Jackie starts off before I cut her off.  

“Jackie, she’s not the new girl.  We’ve known her longer than you and she’s my best friend, so shut your pie hole,” I say squeezing Nic’s hip. 

“Ugh, Michael, I want to go home,” Jackie says in a huff.  

After they leave, the room seems to relax.  

“So, who’s this one,” Nic asks pointing toward Fez.

“This is Fez, he’s the foreign exchange student,” Donna says.

“Hello, beautiful goddess, would you like to do it,” Fez says excitedly and I feel Nicole tense.

“Uh, no,” Nic says quietly.  This is not good.  Normally, she’d have more to say than that.

“So, your starting school after the new year,” Eric asks.

“Yeah, Mom and daddy, signed me up already.  It’ll be nice to be in school with you guys again,” Nic says sounding excited.

“You always were a nerd,” I tease.

“Shut it, you ass,” she says flicking my ear.

“Hey, it’s not my fault you’re so nerdy,” I tease poking her side, making her jump a little.  Giving me an awesome view of her bouncing tits.

“Anyway, I gotta get home.  I still have to unpack,” she says standing, my hands following her landing on her hips. 

“Want me to walk you,” I offer.  I need to get her alone, so I can talk to her.

“Sure, that’d be great, Steven,” she smiles her gorgeous smile at me.  “I’ll see you guys later,” she says hugging Donna and giving a small wave to Eric and Fez.

I put my hand on the small of her back and lead her out.  When we reach the driveway, I wrap my arm around her shoulders and she leans into me, wrapping her arm around my waist. 

“So, you wanna tell me why you tensed up back there,” I ask her quietly.

“Steven,” she says softly.

“C’mon, you can tell me anything.  What happened, Nic,” I ask her stopping to look down at her.

“Fine,” she sighs. 

She tells me about how a year ago she was walking home and was attacked.  They beat and raped her, that it was her friends brothers roommmate.  As she tells me, I become beyond angry.  No man should even force themselves onto a woman.  Should never lay a hand on a woman.  Pulling her to me, I hold her tightly as she cries a little telling me how when it happened, she wanted me to be there to comfort her.

“Hey, I’m here now and I’ll never let anyone hurt you again,” I promise her.

“Thank you, Steven,” she says as she rises up and kisses me on the corner on my mouth.  “You’ve always been different with me.  Why is that,” she asks leaning against me again.

“I don’t know, you never judged me.  Hell, your parents never judged me.  I remember when we met.  I walked you home because some kid was picking on you.  Your dad pulled up as we got there and told me ‘thank you for walking my little girl home.’  He patted me on the back and told me I was a good man.  After that I just became protective over you,” I explain as a run my hands up and down her back.

“I remember that.  You didn’t even charge me a quarter for walking me home,” she laughs. 

“Yeah, well, your dad made me feel like I did something right.  Plus, your mom made me dinner after calling Edna and letting her know where I was,” I shrug.

“I was picked on because I’m half black.  That’s not the ‘right’ thing to do.  My mom married a black man and that’s taboo,” she says sarcastically.

“Yeah, well, whatever.  It doesn’t matter what other people think,” I say putting my arm around her again and walking.  “So, everyone’s going to a disco, wanna be my date.”

“Steven, you don’t know how to dance,” she says smiling at me.

Does she have to know everything?  

“I’m taking lessons from Mrs. F.  Now answer the question,” I say, or more demand.  I wanted her to be my date.  I wanted to take her out.  I have no idea why I’m feeling this way, she’s always just been a friend.

“Sure, but you better dance with me, more than once,” she warns. 

“Done. So, how have your mom and dad been?”

We fall into an easy conversation.  It doesn’t take long to get to her place and we just sit on the porch talking.  After a while, her parents come out and I gotta say, it’s good to see them.

“Steven Hyde, now, I haven’t seen you in years.  How you doing, son,” Mr. Smith says.

“Been pretty good, Mr. Smith,” I say standing up, while taking Nic with me.

“Now, you know to call me Roy,” he says with a smile.

“Right,” I nod.

“You two come in.  We just wanted to tell you that we were going out to a late dinner. Why don’t you two come with us,” Mrs. Smith says with a bright smile.

“Uh, Mom, I think we’re going to stay here.  I just want to catch up with Steven, if that’s alright,” Nic says.

“Sure, honey.  There’s food in the house, help yourselves.  Steven you’re more than welcome to stay if you want,” Mrs. Smith says as she hugs me and kisses my cheek.

“I’ll think about it, Mrs. Smith,” I nod to her.

“Gail,” she reminds me.  

After they leave, we go inside and sit on the couch cuddling.  Now, I’m not the touchy feely type, but for her, I’d do damn near anything. 

“Ok, I need a joint,” Nic says standing, dragging me with her, although I’m surprised I can move from shock.

“What?”  That’s all I can get out as she pulls me along. 

“Steven, I want to get high, so we are going up to my room and smoking a joint.  I know you’ve done it before, so shut it,” she laughs at me.  

Once we get into her room, I grab her and toss her on the bed, watching her bounce.  What a glorious sight it is as she laughs. 

“Steven!” She laughs.

“What, I wanted to see if they bounced,” I say innocently.

“Seriously! What is it with guys and boobs,” she laughs out. 

“They are beautiful and bouncy.  What’s not to like,” I smirk at her. 

“Whatever, get in my bottom drawer of my desk and you’ll find a joint,” she says getting up to open the window.

I find it and we sit on her bed smoking.  I’m honestly shocked she smokes. But, then again, after everything she went through, I guess I shouldn’t be.   
Nicole’s pov

We talked through the night and at some point must’ve fallen asleep.  I woke up laying on Stevens chest with his arms wrapped around me.  I noticed last night how much Steven has changed.  Honestly, he’s down right sexy.  I haven’t laughed as much as I did last night in years.  With Steven, I can be me, I feel safe.  He might pick on me and tease me sometimes, but never to be mean.  When it’s just us, he shows a side of him that no one else gets to see.  We talked about the past five years and what we’ve been up to.  

Laying there, I trace the design on his shirt.  I feel him start to stir under my touch and deside to mess with him.  I slowly moved my fingers toward his side, knowing he’s ticklish.  Lightly, I run my fingers down his side and feel him jump.  I do it again, this time he grabs my hand and pulls me on top of him, making me laugh. 

“Quit that,” he says sleepily.

“But, it’s so fun,” I laugh. 

“How do you like it,” he asks then begins tickling me.

I squirm and laugh, trying to get away from him, but he’s too strong.  

“Uncle,” I laugh, getting him to stop.

“Good, now, be quiet, relax and go back to sleep,” he says wrapping him arms around me as I lay there on top of him.

“Steven,” I whisper, resting my chin on his chest.

“Nic, be quiet,” he whispers back.

“Steven, please,” I whisper again.

“What, Nic,” he sighs.

“Could you open your eyes first,” I asks softly.

His blue eyes meet my green ones and I’m mesmerized.  He looks up at me with the same face, I feel his hands run up my back as he leans up and me leaning down.  The moment our lips touch, I feel sparks.  I raise my legs up, straddling his hips with our lips still attach.  His hands drift to my hips as he runs his tongue over my bottom lip to which I grant him access immediately.  As the kiss deepens, I run my hands up and down his chest.  But, it’s all short lived.  I pull away panting a little, so is he.  

“Damn,” he breaths out.  “I wasn’t expecting that.”

“Me either.  I’m not sure where this leaves us,” I say quietly.

“Where do you want it to leave us,” he asks hesitantly.

“Steven, do you want to date?  To be boyfriend and girlfriend? I mean, if that’s what you want, then great, I’ll be your girlfriend, but if you just want sex, I can’t do that,” I explain to him and he sits up.

“Nic, for the past five years, I’ve thought about you.  Constantly, almost.  When you came down to the basement last night, I couldn’t help but think about how beautiful you are.  Then talking to you last night, just made me even more attracted to you.  I want you to be my girlfriend.  I mean, I’m not good with the mushy crap, but you’ve always just gotten me.  Even when I’m being an ass.  Be with me, be my girlfriend,” he says.  I know that in public he won’t be like this with me, that he’ll be his pervy self and an ass, but those are some of the things that make him, him. 

“Ok, but you have to go slow with me.  When I was raped, I was a virgin.  I just… I need you to go slow with me,” I tell him, hoping he can do that for me.

“I can do that, you’ve been my best friend since we were five.  You know, I’ll always be there for you, even if this doesn’t work out.  We’ll go at your pace,” he says running his hands up and down my back. 

“I need a shower and you should head home to get your dirty clothes.  Bring them back and I’ll wash them for you.  Then we can go do something if you want,” I suggest. 

“Sounds good, but you don’t have to wash my clothes,” he says kissing me again. 

“Steven, you need clean clothes, so just do it,” I say kissing him again before getting off the bed.  “I’ll be ready by the time you get back,” I say walking out the door. 

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