Chapter 1: Hey, Sweetness.

Happy/OFC.  I do not own SOA, I just own the characters I create for my amusement.  Also, this is pre-series.  It will have some of the show events in it, but I’m trying to make it my own, with the characters Kurt Sutter created. Enjoy! 

Happy POV

Working in the garage at, Teller-Morrow, I’ve been in Charming for a few months now.  I transferred a month ago, needing to be closer to ma.  She’s not getting better and it’s not like I have anyone else who can help me with her.  My phone rings, bringing me out of my thoughts.  I.D. says it’s ma, which doesn’t make sense, but I answer it anyway.

“Ma, you a’ight,,” I answer.

“Hijo, I’m fine.  I got a call from the hospital in Lodi, Star’s in the hospital.  She was attacked,” she says with a sad voice.


“You need to get there, it didn’t sound good, my boy,” she tells me, my mind racing.

“I’ll get there, I’ll let you know what’s going on,” I say before hanging up.

I walk over to Clay, knowing this is going to be a bitch to explain, but I need to get to her.  Phoenix Star Lowman, my wife of seven years, we’ve been separated for two years.  Not that I blame her for leaving, fuck, we needed it.

“Clay, I gotta go, family emergency,” I say hoping that’s all I need to say.

“Your ma, ok?” He asks.

“She’s fine, look I’ll explain when I get back, but I gotta go now,” not wanting to disrespect my pres, but knowing it’s serious if they called ma.

“Take Tig with you, don’t want anyone riding alone,” he says with a stern look, telling me he wants an explanation soon.  I nod and go get Tig, before heading to Lodi.

Tig didn’t ask questions, but I know they’re coming.  I just need to make sure my baby girls ok.  Just over two years ago, Phoenix and I were in the hospital in Tacoma, waiting on our son to come into the world.  He did, but he didn’t live long.  His heart gave out, not strong enough to make it and taking our son, William away from us.  The only ones who know about her or William are the guys in Tacoma and they know better than to say anything.  When Will died, Phoenix and I both lost ourselves and each other.  I ended up fucking around on her, because I thought that would be the only way she’d leave.  She found out and she didn’t even cry, she told me she knew it would happen because she couldn’t give me a son and then walked away.  Hell, before her I never wanted an old lady or kids.  Then, she popped up, with her bitchy attitude and snarky demeanor, I was done.  She’s the only bitch I’ve ever let talk to me like she does, except ma.  I loved bantering with her, she was quick to push my buttons, but it always turned me on.  Now, she’s in the fucking hospital after being attacked and I don’t even know what the fuck is going on.  I can still see her, long light brown curly hair, with red and gold highlights, hazel-green eyes, full pouty lips, hourglass body.  Big tits, big ass and all wrapped in a 5’ frame.  The saying dynamite comes in small packages is true in her case. She’s feisty, fiery and won’t take shit from anyone. Her childhood shaped her into who she is, she was abused physically and sexually and it made her fight back. Pulling into the parking lot, Tig and I park our bikes and head inside.

“Phoenix Lowman’s room,” I demand.

“Sir, only family is allowed in there and you’re clearly not family,” the bitch nurse says in a bitchy way.

“I’m her fuckin’ husband, now tell me what fuckin’ room she’s in,” I fucking roar.

She jumps and looks at the computer, “room 314.”

Tig follows me to the elevator and I see him bounce for fucking information.

“Wife,” he asks as soon as the doors close.

“Yep,” I nod.

“Since when are you married? I always see you with a crow eater,” he says confused.

“We’ve been married for seven years and separated for two. When we were together, I never fucked around on her,” I shrug.

“Then, why the fuck do you care so much about this bitch,” he questions.

“We separated when I fucked around on her, I ain’t pissed about it, but I never stopped lovin’ her, that’s all you need to know,” I tell him sternly. The only fuckin’ reason I told him that much was because I knew he wouldn’t shut up.

We step off the elevator and go straight to her room. I see a woman in there, looks like the doctor.

“May I help you,” she asks quietly when she sees me.

“I’m her husband, tell me what happened,” I demand in a soft voice. Phoenix is out and I don’t want to wake her.

“Follow me into the hall, I’ll explain,” she nods to the door. I nod at Tig to follow. “She was attacked, she was beaten and raped. She has a laceration above her eyebrow that had to be stitched, bruised ribs on her right side, her left hip is bruised as well. We did a rape kit and there was some tearing, but given time, she’ll heal. She also has a cut on the back of her head, but no concussion. Honestly, Mr. Lowman, I’m more concerned with her mental health. She hasn’t seemed to want to talk about it or even acknowledge the attack. I’m hoping with you here, she’ll be more willing to talk to you,” the doctor tells me with concern on her face.

“What’re the chances of her gettin’ pregnant?” I ask.

“We didn’t find any semen, but we always do follow up pregnancy tests just to be safe. I don’t think she will end up pregnant from this. From my stand point, I think this was a planned attack on your wife. The police think seem to think the same,” she nods.

“When will she wake up,” I ask, anxious to talk to her.

“She’s just napping. She’ll wake up before too long,” the doctor nods. “I plan to release her tomorrow. I want to keep her for observation, but if there’s anything you or her need, just buzz the nurse,” she shakes my hand and Tig and I go back into her room. Phoenix is awake and when she sees me she gives me an annoyed look, but smiles right after.

“Hey, sweetness,” she says in her soft sweet voice.

“Hey, baby girl, how you feelin’,” I ask as I walk over to her.

“Sore, I’m guessing your ma called,” she looks up at me questioningly.

“Yeah, what the fuck happened, Star,” I ask her softly, I only ever called her that when somethin’ was wrong.

“I was attacked when I was leaving the bakery. I’ve been working there and was working late on a big order and when I came out, I was hit from behind. I didn’t see any of there faces, but I saw some of their tattoos and heard their voices,” Phoenix tells me in a quivering voice.

“If I got you some paper would you be able to draw the tattoos? I need something to go on to find these bastards, baby,” I ask her quietly. Tig is watching us with a sharp eye, trying to figure it all out.

“Yeah, but wait until after the cops come again. I told them I didn’t remember anything, that they didn’t say anything and I couldn’t see them,” she whispers. “You gonna introduce me to your little friend here, sweetness,” she smiles up at me.

“Tig, this is my wife, Star, Star this is SAMCRO’s S.A.A., Tig,” I introduce them.

“Nice to meet you, Tig,” she says holding her hand out to him.

“Nice to meet you, too, doll face,” he says shaking her hand.

“I’m gonna assume from the look on your face, you didn’t know he was married to such a pretty face,” Phoenix says cheekily with a wink to me, making me chuckle.

“Nope, had no idea he was married. Gotta say, you sure you wanna be married to this psycho killer,” he winks at her.

“Believe it or not, even though we’re separated, I still love his crazy ass,” she smiles up at me, that smile I’ve always loved seeing in her face.

I’d always love this woman, she sees the soft side of me, the one no one has seen other than my ma. One, I never thought I’d show anyone other than ma. She always told me to be who I needed to be for the club, but be who I was with her, for her. I love the kill, seeing life leave them. But, with Phoenix, I want to be that softer side. To love her, protect her and be there for her, no matter what it takes. I just don’t know if she would give me a real chance to do that again.

“Ditto, baby girl,” I say kissing her forehead. A knock interrupts us, followed by two men walking in.

“We’re going to have to ask you two gentlemen to leave, we need to talk to your friend here,” the first one says arrogantly.

“Well, officer, you see, this one here,” she says pointing at me,” is my husband and he doesn’t have to leave. Furthermore, this one here, is my step dad and he doesn’t have to leave either. I don’t appreciate you coming in here like you own the place and tell them they need to leave, when I feel safer with them present. If that’s a problem for you, then please feel free to leave and not return,” my loving wife states. Might be a lie about Tig, but I get the feeling she doesn’t want me to be the only one in here for this.

“Ma’am, they can’t be present while we question you,” the same arrogant man says, his partner has been quiet.

“Questioned? I was under the impression, I was the victim, not the suspect, if that’s the way you see it, then get out. I’m not going to be treated like shit when I’ve been beaten and raped and you don’t want to actually do your job,” she says in a pissed of tone.

“Ma’am, what my partner is trying to say, is we need to ask you a few questions about your attack. I know it’s probably the last thing you want to even think about, but we do want to find the people who did this to you,” the one who’s been quiet the whole time finally speaks up.

“You’re right, it is the last thing I want to talk or think about, but I’m not going to be treated like shit, just because your partner here, doesn’t want to do his job correctly and treat me with some decency,” Phoenix is gettin’ pissed, I can tell from the look on her face and the tone she’s usin’.

“I understand, and I can not apologize enough.  But, we do want to help you and find who did this to you,” the female officer says softly.

“Here’s what I know, I was working late on a big order that I told my boss I would finish for him.  When I locked up, I was struck from behind.  I didn’t see their faces, they didn’t say anything and I have no idea why anyone would do this to me, or who it was.  If I knew something, I would tell you.  Unfortunately, the son of a bitch, knew not to show anything that I could use to identify him with, nor did his friends.  They didn’t say anything, probably realizing, I would be able to recognize their voices.  If this was done because I was targeted, then I have no clue who it could be.  I keep to myself, I don’t have friends because I generally don’t get along with most people.  My husband and I have been separated for two years and before you even go there, no I know for a fact that it wasn’t him.  I know every inch of his body, even after two years of separation, not to mention he would never hurt me.  I don’t know what else I can tell you, but I somehow doubt that you would even be able to find the bastards that did this, considering, there is no DNA and I didn’t see who it was.  Now, if that’s all, I’d like to get some rest,” Phoenix explains.

I know that she’s lying, but that’s because I know her better than anyone else.  Tig looks impressed, the officers look shocked by her abrupt attitude and I’m damn proud of her.  She’s never been one to show weakness, always wanting to be strong.  Now, I just need to find the bastards that hurt my mama and kill them.

“She’s made it clear that she doesn’t know who did this and she needs to rest.  Leave,” I tell them sternly.

“I don’t think that’s your call,” the arrogant bastard stated.

“No, but it is mine.  I’ve told you what I know, if you don’t like it, then tough shit.  I can’t tell you what I don’t know.  Get out, before I get upset.  I’m supposed to be resting anyway,” Phoenix states.

The female officer nods, stating that they would be in touch if any developments came up and for Phoenix to call if she did remember anything.  After they left, I found some paper and a pencil for her to draw the tattoos she could remember, hoping it would lead me to the fuckers.  Tig, tells me he’s going to call to check in with Clay.  I sit next to my baby girl while she draws, lost in my thoughts.  I know I’m going to have to explain to the club about, Phoenix.  I don’t know how they’ll react, but really, I just want to kill the fuckers and try to get my wife back.  We’ve been apart for long enough, it’s time to get back together and work shit out.  She can piss me off more than anyone, but even then, she turns me on and challenges me.  Never one to back down, no matter how pissed she makes me.  Tig, comes back, telling me that he gave a little information to, Clay, about what was going on.  Clay, was shocked that I was married, but told Tig, he’d let me explain it all to him.  I nod, knowing it was going to happen.  After thirty minutes, Phoenix is done drawing the few things she could remember.  Looking at the drawings, they aren’t any I’ve seen before, I pass them on to, Tig.  He looks at them and I see a look of recognition in his eyes, telling me, he knows something.

“We gotta get, I’ll come back in a while.  The doc said, she was keeping you overnight, so, I’ll be back to stay with you.  Then, when you’re released, you’re comin’ to stay with me.  Don’t even think about arguin’ with me, either,” I tell her softly, but with a stern look.

“Fine, make sure you tell your club about me.  Explain as much as you can, we both know they’re going to want to know why we haven’t been together for the last two years.  Plus, call your ma, let her know I’m ok and I’ll call her once I’m out of the hospital,” she looks up at me with a look of understanding.

I give her a kiss on the head and head for the door.  Tig nods and follows me out.

“You alright, man,” he ask when we get to the bikes.

“Yeah, just wanna find the fuckers that hurt my wife.  I’m gonna kill ’em and you’re gonna tell me what you know,” I tell him before mounting my bike and starting her up.

He nods and follows suit.  We get back to the clubhouse, all the guys are there, as is Gemma.  I hope she don’t plan on bein’ a bitch to my wife, because she’s been through enough shit, she doesn’t need anymore.

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