Chapter 2: Let the games begin

Happy POV

I greet the guys and we head to church. They’re about to get a shock, everyone knew I never wanted to get married, or have kids. Well, they all thought I wouldn’t, since I’m an evil bastard. I’m not the settling down type, I’m also a selfish prick. The only person I’ve ever shown that I care about is ma, she’s been my priority for years. Them finding out that I’m married, well, they’ll find that hard to believe. Tig can believe it, because he saw me with Phoenix, but seeing it and hearing about it, is two different things. Clay calls order, we get down to business, the next gun run and whatnot. Then, the table turns to me, my turn to tell them all this shit.

“Hap, tell us about this wife you have,” Clay says with a raised brow.

“I’ve been married to Phoenix for seven years. I kept it a secret from you guys because we’ve been separated for two years. The guys in Tacoma know about her and know her, but they’re the only ones. You know I like to keep my private life, private,” I start to tell them. I tell them everything, from how we got married, to Will’s birth and death. All the guys looked shocked and for a minute, I’m afraid Piney, might kill over. How I fucked around on her at the Tacoma clubhouse to get her to leave. Then, explaining what happened to her last night. I’m pretty sure, this is the most they’ve ever heard me talk. I keep my private life just that, private. I pull out the drawing she gave me and handing it around the table. Hoping they will recognize them like Tig did, so I have some idea as to who the fuckers are. They need to die, a lot. No one fucks with my woman and lives to tell about it. “Tig, you recognized at least one of the drawings, wanna tell me,” I ask with a raised brow.

“It’s a loan sharks logo. Dudes, fuckin’ ruthless, if they went after her, she could have been handed to them in a sense, as a form of payment. But, she said she didn’t have friends, so I’m not sure why they’d come after her,” Tig tells me with a shrug.

“What’s the bastards name?”

“Johnny Patts, once he knows you’re lookin’ for him, he’ll run. I’d keep it under wraps that you’re looking for him,” Tig tells me with a serious expression.

“I want you to take a couple guys with you. I know, I ain’t gonna be able to stop you, but I don’t want you goin’ alone,” Clay says with a nod. “Take Tig, Chibs and Jax. I think they’ll be best for this one, unless anyone has any objections,” he says looking around the table.  Everyone shakes their heads no and Clay slams the gavel.

“Got any idea where this fucker is,” I ask Tig hopin’ he knows somethin’.

“Yeah, Lodi. He has a strip club their called, Naughty Honey. He’s always there,” Tig tells me, I can see in his eyes, he’s ready for a fight. He may be a sick son of a bitch, but he’s loyal.

“Hap, we’re with you, brotha,” Jax says slapping me on the back. He’s a good kid, just needs a little more experience.

“Aye, gotcha back, brotha,” Chibs nods before lighting a cigarette.

“Good, then let’s hit the road. Told Phoenix I’d be back to stay with her tonight,” I nod heading for the door.

“You gonna give that a go, again,” Tig asks.

“I never wanted her to leave, but at the same time, I thought it would be best if she did. Losing, Will, was too much for us,” I shrug.

We hop on our bikes and take off to Lodi. The little bastard is goin’ to get what’s coming to him. Phoenix didn’t deserve that shit, hell, no woman does. I’m and evil fuck, but even I wouldn’t do that to a woman. Phoenix is one of the best things to ever happen to me. She’s strong, understands the club, loving, a good heart, but she can be just as evil as I am. Ma, loves Phoenix and when we split, ma, was pissed. Pissed at me, because I fucked a gash in the clubhouse while my wife was at home. Got bitched at for it and ma, told me if I did it again and didn’t make things right, she’d beat my ass. Funny thing though, I wouldn’t be surprised if she did, that’s how much she loved Phoenix.

We get to the strip club and there’s barely anyone there. This might be easier than I originally thought. The bouncer let’s us in straight away and we go to the bar.

“I’m looking for Johnny,” I tell the guy behind the bar.

“Who wants to know,” he asks.

“Tell him I want to make a deal,” I tell him, the guys all look around watching everyone as I’m dealing with the little shit.

He nods and goes into the back. A few minutes later he walks out with another guy, who motions me forward. Tig follows while, Chibs and Jax, stay out front. Walking down the hallway, we stop at the door at the end. I’m ready, already calculating my moves. I won’t kill the fucker yet, I want him to live in fear before that happens. Draw it out, make him think it’s over before I kill ’em. The bouncer opens the door and inside is a man, tall, thin and looking like he’s tryin’ to be a badass standing behind a desk.

“How can I help you gentlemen,” Johnny asks with an air of confidence and arrogance.

“I wanna talk,” I demand.

“What would you like to talk about,” he says with a brow raised.

“You had my woman beat and raped and I wanna know why,” I look at him straight in the eye, my voice sounding like razor blades.

“Who’s your woman,” he asks with a little smirk, clearly too stupid to realize he’s about to get a beat down.

“Her names, Star, works at a bakery here in Lodi. Now, I wanna know why she was attacked, you either answer the easy way, or I get to have some fun,” I say expressionless.

“Ah, the lovely little, Star. She was handed over as payment, unfortunately, we aren’t done with her,” he says cockily.

“Oh, you’re done,” I say just before punching him. I get a few more hits before throwing him into his chair, needing to figure out who the fuck would use my wife as payment. “Who used my wife as payment,” I demand roughly.

“Her boss, Tim Southers. He owes me for bailing him out on almost losing his business. Said the bitch liked it rough,” he says quickly, probably hoping that’s the end of it.

“Nah, see, my wife isn’t a whore. She doesn’t sleep around and she sure as fuck, wouldn’t let her boss hand her over. I’m gonna give you a beating, then I’m goin’ to find her boss. But, I’m not done with you, yet. We’re goin’ to talk again, I don’t recommend leaving, or calling the cops, either,” I say before laying into him again.

I beat him within an inch of his life, knowing he won’t say shit, plus the guys are taking care of the tapes and others. I want this fucker to suffer, but I ain’t got all night. Once I’m done, we leave and call Juice to find where, Tim Southers lives.  Tig calls and has some of the other guys, to come and get Johnny to take him to the warehouse.  I’m not done with him, but I’ll let him stew for a few hours.  Juice gives us, Tim Southers, address and we head to his house.  Little place, looks like no one lives there other than him.  I get off my bike, followed by Tig and head to the door.  Knocking, I hear movement, but it takes a few minutes before anyone opens the door.

“You, Tim,” I demand.

“Yeah, who the fuck are you,” he asks, tryin’ to sound tough.

“You know a woman named, Phoenix Lowman,” I ask.

“Yeah, what about her,” he asks, but this time, his voice wavers.

“I’m her fuckin’ husband, see, last night she was raped and beaten.  Come to find, she was attacked because of you.  Somethin’ about you makin’ a deal with a loan shark, in exchange for you not havin’ to pay,” I tell him, making my way into his house.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, man,” he stutters slightly, knowing he’s been caught.

“See, I don’t believe you.  I know that you handed her over, in a way at least, because I just came from Johnny Patts place and he told me it was you.  Now, you got two options, either you come with me and my friends, peacefully, or we can take you and I don’t think one person here will give a damn.  They don’t seem to like you anyway, but I tell them what you’ve done to my wife, well, even the biggest asshole would let me take you,” I tell him, looking around his place.  Seeing nothing that shows someone else lives here.

He doesn’t have a wedding ring on, no pictures of kids, or even family or friends.  He’s alone, which doesn’t make sense.  I’m not sure what kind of fucker owns a bakery, but doesn’t have any family.  Just seems strange, makes me wonder why the hell he would have a bakery, but doesn’t have anyone to share it with.

“Tell me, what kind of fucker has a bakery, but don’t have anyone around.  Seems like somethin’ ain’t right about this.  People don’t just open shit like a bakery, but have issues with a loan shark.  Not to mention, you seem like a pervy fuck anyway.  Let me guess, you like kids?  Like to see if you can lure them to you.  I bet you’re a kiddy fucker ain’t cha,” I ask, knowin’ I’m probably right.

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, get out,” he demands, looking pissed.

“Let me ask you this, anyone in this neighborhood let you have anything to do with their kids?”

“I’m an active member of this community,” he states, but looks nervous.

I notice, Tig, walking back inside and he looks pissed.  Something tells me, I’m right and we don’t play that shit.

“Just got off the phone with Juice, fuckers been arrested for child porn, but the case was dropped.  His neighbor said, no one lets him around their kids, because they all think he’s a kiddy fucker.  Said, that if we could get rid of him, they’d probably through us a fuckin’ parade,” Tig says cracking his knuckles.

“That true,” I ask with a raised brow.

“Yes,” he whispers.

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